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Play-by-Play broadcasting has not only always been a passion of mine, but the passion of mine. Some of my earliest memories are of driving to New York Jets games in the car with my dad and listening keenly to the radio broadcaster (often times Bob Wischusen). I was captivated not so much by the game, but what it sounded like. What it felt like. I knew early on this was the dream job.

I'd almost look forward to the postgame shows more than the actual game so I can hear the way it was called. The enthusiasm at a big moment. The analysis at a critical juncture. It was all just so fascinating to me.

The opportunity to welcome someone else into the broadcast booth and present the action, the atmosphere, the color, the sounds, the scents; it's everything. Everything. 

I hope that, through my broadcasts, I am able to convey that same sense of excitement and wonder.

Play-by-Play: Music
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