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I reference the importance of versatility while working in sports on the front page of this website. For a broadcaster, this means more than just calling a game, producing content and posting on social media; it needs to include sales.

Everyone in minor league baseball needs to sell; plain and simple. Sales was never a passion of mine, but I have come to not only accept it as a necessity, but as a challenge of which I enjoy tackling.

Life is about partnerships. It is about searching for people who you can work with, finding common ground, and creating lasting partnerships. Sales is no different. An easy, colloquial conversation that includes listening goes a long way in establishing trust and ultimately a partnership resulting in a profit.

Despite my relaxed look in the adjacent photo, I have worked tirelessly in sales for the past five years. My sales numbers have increased every year, including over $100K in sales through marketing partnerships, group sales and season tickets in each of my last two years. I take pride in contributing to the sales department.

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