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Video Production

Love video. LOVE IT! From a content-creation standpoint, I'm not sure if there is a better medium to fully engage a fanbase. Videos can have your followers ready to run through a wall thanks to a hype video and have them missing the season with an emotional piece.

I crave opportunities to put together video content. My editing process is meticulous and my standards are high, but it is all for the right product.


From brainstorming a concept to pitching the idea, from capturing the footage to chopping up b-roll frame-by-frame, I love it all. I take a lot of pride in contributing high-quality, engaging video content.

Produced Videos

Produced Videos

All Categories
All Categories

COVID-19: Opening Day at Home

Yankees Affiliation Press Conference Recap

2019 Opening Day Hype

Marketing with the Somerset Patriots

New York Yankees Intro Video

Quick Photoshoot Edit

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